Toffee suitcase

Dollhouse suitcases, dollhouse furniture and dollhouses

Looking for a nice gift, something original, unique and also super hip!

Then you will be amazed at Toffekoffer.

We make dollhouse suitcases.

This is a children's suitcase filled with a dollhouse to go.

The cases are made by hand! Each suitcase is Unique.

 The briefcase is easy to carry.

Ideal for a holiday, during a long trip by car or plane, with grandparents, or during your visit to a restaurant.

Or just relax at home.

Played out for a while, simply put all your stuff back in the briefcase.

Each case is provided with a name on the front of the case as standard.

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Dollhouse Furniture

Toffekoffer has a wide range of handmade dollhouse furniture and accessories.

Decorate your own dollhouse with it, or take a look at our decorated dollhouses.

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Your child's room in a suitcase

Is your son or daughter's room the most beautiful in the whole world.

And do you want to capture this forever as a tangible memory?

Very exclusive. Toffer a photo!

And designed in such a way that it can actually be played with.