Miniature nursery

Do you want to capture your child's room forever

in a tangible memory?

Then a children's room suitcase is perfect for this!

A baby or nursery is often very dear, but of such a short duration. Before you know it they are big. And the baby or children's room has become too small. So let's capture the small so that we can always go back to the past.


Toffee suitcase has a unique way to do this!

 On the basis of photos that you send, Toffekoffer makes a number of recognizable items from the room (almost) identically.

For example, think of the nice toddler bed, or the changing table that has been in the family for years. The birth painting on the wall to the favorite toy of the child. The colors on the wall, wallpaper or carpet.

As many recognizable items as possible are returned to the suitcase.

The furniture and accessories will be made with a wood laser and/or 3D printer.

 I think it is important that you can actually play with the briefcase.

I will always take this into account when designing and assembling the case. The miniature children's rooms are therefore suitable for playing with!


This is a unique concept!

You won't find a second one of this suitcase.

Delivery time 4 - 5 weeks

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